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Erajaya - iBox

Jakarta Fair - Save up to IDR1.000.000,-

Get this offer with any Citi Card

Offer Details

Save IDR300.000,- with minimum transaction IDR5.000.000,-
Save IDR500.000,- with minimum transaction IDR10.000.000,-
Save IDR750.000,- with minimum transaction IDR15.000.000,-
Save IDR1.000.000,- with minimum transaction IDR20.000.000,-

EazyPay n0w up to 12 months

Offer Valid till: July 17, 2022

Offer is applicable for Citi Cards issued in these countries : Indonesia

Erajaya - iBox
Erajaya Plaza, Jalan Bandengan Selatan No.19-20, Pekojan - Tambora
Jakarta - 11240